Commando 2 Hacked/Unblocked

Hey there guys, I have some awesome old school type of flash game for you, it is called – Commando 2, I was able to get both hacked and unblocked versions of the game and you can enjoy both of them here, on my blog.

This game was developed by Miniclip gaming company and it is one of the best in action/shooting category. Game has some amazing features like option to use different weapons, option to upgrade them and add more fire power and other interesting stuff which in total creates epic shooting flash game with interesting story line and quest.

Now about cheats and what you will get with Commando 2 Hacked, well basically it allows you to use all weapons which are available in the game and it also gives you unlimited ammo. Oh and I have almost forgot, you have many lives and your character’s health is also increased significantly. I know these hack features look attractive, but I highly suggest you enjoy the game without cheats, it is always more challenging and interesting. Hacked version of the game is good when you enjoyed by original game enough and want to discover the limits of a game or just playing enjoyable endgame content which easy and faster to get with hacked version, also it is true for any game, for example, I enjoyed World of Warcraft when started, but for some interesting for me content I needed to grind, I still remember what I used for character leveling in WoW, it was Boosthive, they helped me to skip the boring part and enjoy by interesting for me part. So, if you plan to skip some content, please make sure that you will not skip the interesting part.

In order to make gameplay more interesting you have option to choose from 12 different missions, you can select different weapons and you can carry different objects in your inventory.